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Silver Whinnys - Silver socks 4-pack

Silver Whinnys - Silver socks 4-pack

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Silver Whinny's tube bandage/socks with interwoven silver threads. Effective in healing infections, dermatitis, scrapes, mold, wounds, etc. Silver stops the growth of bacteria and fungi in the socks/tube bandages. Safe, non-toxic, drug-free silver socks that prevent pathogens, insects, dirt, and sunlight from reaching the skin. Sold in 4-packs.

Available in four different sizes

  • XS (Miniature Horse)
  • S (Pony)
  • M (Quarter)
  • L (Warm Blood)

See measurements in the pictures.

Link to product sheet with references regarding Silver Whinnys:

With Silver Whinnys, oxygen that is so important to the healing process can reach the skin. The silver socks breathe. Oxygen has long been known as an important part in healing processes because it helps to dry wound fluid and facilitates the formation of better granulation tissue. Usually when wounds are left open insects and dirt make the healing process difficult.

Silver Whinnys prevent insects and dirt from entering the wound but the benefits of leaving the wound open remain. Double layers in the woven sock provide a barrier against disease-carrying insects and protect UV-sensitive skin.

The silver in the socks provides an antimicrobial barrier that prevents dangerous microbes from reaching the tissue. Bacteria and fungi must penetrate the double layer of the woven stocking to re-infect the skin. Change the socks to clean ones daily to give the silver the most optimal ability to prevent bacteria and fungus from getting through. After 24 hours of use, the amount of bacteria and dirt can overcome the silver in the socks, so changing the socks daily is important to support the best possible healing.

Silver Whinny's socks absorb and remove moisture from the wound and transport it to the outside of the socks where it can evaporate from the surface. Traditional bandaging traps moist and warm wound fluid against the wound surface.

The effect of Silver Whinny's socks helps to keep the wound tissue dry and counteracts the warm and moist environment that bacteria and fungi need to grow. Thanks to the socks keeping the surface of the skin dry, they also help to keep the legs cool during the summer months when it is at its hottest.

The effect of Silver Whinny's socks can be compared to the effect of the highest quality sports socks in keeping the skin dry and cool. ATTENTION! If you, as a customer, are in the UK, please send an email to to place an order and we will get back to you on how to solve an order in the simplest way.

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